The Sky Is Not The Limit





My love of being in the air started in 2004 when I jumped out of a Transall C-160 at 400m as a paratrooper. Ever since this moment I knew I needed to be in the air as much as possible. I decided to study Aerospace Engineering at the University and learned more about my favorite elemental environment, flying, and the technology behind all that! My graduation developed my understanding, allowed me to progress, and also to give something back to the flying community. During my studies I joined SWING as an intern and merged my hobby with my working life. I´m proud to be on the research & development team of SWING paragliders.

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Danke fuer die Nachricht!


I´m a passionate poly extreme sport athlete with the focus on Speedriding, Skydiving, Paramotoring and Paragliding! I´m always open to new and exciting projects! Just tell me what you have in mind!